“Local transportation is now made easy. Lara’s Trucking and Logistics has been in business for over 20 years and has gone the extra mile to make your delivery process fast and easy.”

With more than 100 units to choose from, we offer you pick up and delivery services from Miami-Dade to West Palm Beach County.

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Local Pick Up & Delivery

We provide local pick up and delivery services to Miami-Dade, Broward and West Palm Beach counties.

24' - 26' Trucks & 48' - 53' Trailers

We have from small trucks 24′ to 26′ and refrigerated trailers from 48′ to 53′ long to put at your service..

Dedicated Trucks & Trailers

We have dedicated trucks & trailers for a better accommodation of your goods. Fish & asparagus dedicated trailers.

Chat, Cell Phone & Email Dispatched 24/7

We have a team dedicated only to take your requests and make sure you have the best service possible.

U.S Customs Validation

We are responsibly certified with U.S Customs Validation for your peace of mind.


Specialized Cargo

Specialized Cargo for a better and personalized service.


Our friendly stuff is here 24/7 to provide you with a true personalized customer service experience. We count with an excellent team of dispatchers who will never disappoint you and will take your request as priority.

Every driver of ours is well prepared with the basics tools to make sure your goods are always well take cared of.

  • Thermometer to control temperature.
  •  Refrigerated and well-prepared trailer.
  •  Special Gloves for better manipulation.
  •  Cell & Camera for better communication.




We are a Certified Bonded Carrier by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

At Lara’s we appreciate every business. If you wanna be part of our long list of happy customers, please feel free to contact us and reach us through phone, email or our live chat, so we can schedule a call to discuss better your needs.

If you already decided to request our services, and it’s the first time with Lara’s, please download and fill out our NEW CUSTOMER FORM and give us a call.


We always have opportunity for new drivers. If you wanna be part of our family, please feel free to contact us and  know if you are elegible for the position.